Umbria, Center of Italy

Few places in the world afford such a harmonious, graceful mix of nature and cultural traditions as Umbria.

Wander through small off the beaten town paths such as those found in Roman Spello; Deruta, renowned for its prestigious fine ceramics; or Narni, an ancient town where artists of the caliber of Ghirlandaio and Rossellini have created famous works. Discover some of the hidden corners of Perugia, home to the decadent ‘Eurochocolate Festival’ and the international Umbria Jazz Festival – both of which take place annually. Explore the ancient town of Assisi, the birthplace of the world’s most beloved saint, St. Francis, or visit Orvieto with its magnificent cathedral. And last but not least, there is Spoleto, where the iconic Festival of Two Worlds (Festival dei due Mondi) takes place every year. Spoleto also hosts the iconic summer ‘Jazz Festival’ featuring artists of the highest caliber performing in a variety of local settings – the outdoor concerts under the stars are a special treat for all music lovers. When it comes to food and wine, Umbria also offers products of the highest level, including local specialties such as Norcia salami, the onions or ‘Cipolle’ of Cannara, and of course, the infamous black truffle found between Norcia and Spoleto. Local wines such as Sagrantino di Montefalco, Torgiano Rosso and the excellent Cervaro della Sala are also offered throughout the region in abundance.


The region of Umbrian boasts an outstanding selection of wine and local produce that some feel rivals that of Tuscany. Viandando will help you discover Umbrian food and wine secrets as you visit prestigious virgin olive oil mills along the Oil Road DOP of Umbria, and wineries, where Sagrantino and Rosso of Montefalco red wines are produced. Join one of our tailor made truffle hunts in the upper Tiber Valley, Norcia and Spoleto and enjoy a memorable experience of cooking ‘Cucina Umbria’ (possibly with some of the sacred truffles you uncover!). You will also learn how to prepare local food specialties such as strangozzi (an Italian wheat pasta among the more notable of those produced in the region of Umbria); pappardelle pasta prepared the Norcina way; or, the delectable sweet buns Pannociato. We offer a wide range of tailored cookery classes, suitable for beginner to advanced cooks, in luxury villas, private houses or local agriturismo (farms featuring local produce where tourists can also be accommodated).


Discover the artistic and architectural beauties of Umbria together with our award-winning tour experts: Perugia is home to the National Archaeological Museum; quaint Spello features Pinturicchio’s frescoes and Perugino body of Art; and Gubbio boasts the Basilica of St. Ubaldo and the Roman Theatre. Finally, we can’t forget Assisi where you can roam the same time-worn streets as the beloved St. Francis did centuries ago. A visit to St. Francis’s Basilica and San Damiano’s convent helps complete the journey from the past to the present, and Todi, home to Jacopone, is definitely worth a visit.