Why Customer Care is even more important during a pandemic

All of our valued clients admitted that booking with an experienced professional travel agent was a huge advantage in difficult situation.

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The global Covid – 19 pandemic we are experiencing is annihilating the framework around which our daily lives go round, throwing our plans and projects upside down, and completely destroying our social contacts and cultural commitments.

It is undoubtedly a difficult moment for all of us, but also a great opportunity to develop a very important feeling: empathy, the ability to imagine the feelings of another.

In a moment where we are all purposefully reducing close contact with people we need even more warmth, support and solidarity not to feel completely isolated and alone.

Due to this global health emergency that has upturned the travel industry, we have received dozens of emails and messages by our customers anxious to get refunds, cancel or reschedule their upcoming trips. From the first moment our goal was to reassure them offering our total assistance and support. And I am glad to say that all of our valued clients admitted that booking with an experienced professional travel agent was a huge advantage in this difficult situation.

For travelers who booked their holidays with online travel agency (OTA) the experience has been compounded with exasperation, frustration, irritation and anger. Customers expressed their dissatisfaction for long call times and being unable to speak with a representative and consequently make any changes to their travel arrangements or start refunds.

The COVID-19 worldwide health emergency has once again cast a spotlight on the value of using a travel agent and for many different reasons:
– We have access to the best experiences and exclusive events and we understand how to navigate the logistics.
– We have been working in the industry for years now, and it’s our daily job to stay on top of travel trends and future top and still unknown destinations. We discover, research and experience the places we offer, over and over and we have access to a variety of tools that the consumer is not able to use or doesn’t know about.
– We are the tailor of the journey, able to put together bespoke experiences and itineraries, and to respond to the particular exigencies of any specific client. We listen, understand, suggest, propose, adjust and become a reference person not just a search engine or an anonymous voice.
– We are always available to assist our clients before and during their trip. We are their advocates in the event of last-minute changes, cancellations or problems that may arise.
– Last but not least, when the rules change, we are uniquely positioned to provide vital advice!

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